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Food Up Front (Toronto)

Transition Toronto

Do you want to stroll down your street and see lush food gardens growing all around you? Do you want to see your neighbours outside with their hands in the soil? Do you want to live in a resilient community where people eat well and connect over local food?

We do, and we hope you do too.

Food Up Front is a movement started by Transition Toronto to help you gather your community around local food. Growing local food is one piece of the puzzle in solving our climate crisis. It builds community resiliency by fostering a culture of sharing while reducing dependency on international agribusiness, it reduces the need for fossil fuel intensive farming practices while eliminating food mile emissions, and it helps sequester carbon through hands-on soil stewardship. Overall though, the most compelling benefit is that connecting with home-grown food improves the quality of our lives.

The plan is simple. We’re asking people to grow a vegetable patch of any size, visibly and proudly, in their front yard, on their porch or balcony, or in their sidewalk planters. We give out packets of seeds to get them started, and ask that they display a Food Up Front sign to identify their garden as part of a broader movement and to spark conversations. Make your own sign or download our stencil below!

Everyone is warmly encouraged to share their produce with a neighbour. 

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