Hot compost

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I make a hot compost that heats up very quicky because of the high nitrogen or green matter ratio to carbon or brown material. Sometimes I add a bit too much lucerne and the compost is hot but not entirely aerobic but can become anaerobic. If I was turning the compost more often this may not have been an issue but because I've been busy now the nursery has reopened the compost is getting turned at least weekly but not every day. To combat the anaerobic decomposition I've added more carbon material, wheat straw in layers as I turned the compost. Most of us are still learning how to make compost perfectly from the first making of the heap, and there are very good recipes out there for precision. I'm just not a precision person, and I do start my compost with a high ratio of nitrogen to carbon than those recipes suggest. We all have different composting methods and I believe that if we understand how hot composting works we can develop our own personal techniques. The only way we can truly learn to compost if from the compost itself. I've got some tips in earlier posts but the rest is up to you!! My beautiful permaculture nursery in Kallista has reopened!! Open 10am til 4pm Thursday to Sunday Or by appointment We are at 74 Monbulk Rd At the Kallista roundabout Text Tamara on 0407457707 We have organically grown Heritage seed, Culinary herbs, Medicinal herbs, White sage and smudge sticks, Pollinator plants, Indoor plants, fruit trees and king stropharia bunker spawn. Keep an eye out for free workshops coming soon. #compost #composting #hotcompost #forestedge #permaculture #permaculturelife #dandenongranges #gardening #kallista #plants #Kallistavillage #permaculturewomen #gardensofthedandenongranges #growyourownfood #sustainable #regererative #ethical #nosprays #herbs #medicinalherbs #culinaryherbs #Reopening

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